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"You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.”
Beth Comstock

At the heart of the success of any hotel lies a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy. Our team consists of experts in internet marketing, online distribution, and sales representation.

Premium Revenue Marketing


We also offer a premium, high performing, demand-based revenue management system for hotels. It helps with your rate decisions, market predictions, and revenue management strategy through a proven methodology for hotel yield, and advanced algorithms that highlight the daily trends.

Digital Marketing & Hotel Branding


In this data-driven world, utilising Digital Marketing to establish the brand becomes a primary requirement. Online marketing is the core of hotel marketing strategies, allowing the distribution of your hotel online. To set-up this crucial part of your business, you need qualified experts who are market leaders to bring you the best results and ROI of your hotel. Rivido's team is more than capable of filling this shoe, right from handling the pre-opening tasks of the hotel to acting as the backbone of the organisation.

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SEM - Search Engine MarketingRetargeting & RemarketingReputation Management
SEO - Search Engine OptimizationSMM - Social Media MarketingCRM - Customer Relationship Management

Rivido is well-connected across the country and hence, has a very capable and ever vigilant network of sales representatives. They have a keen eye for cracks of opportunities that open-up rarely and spring at the first chance to assist you in driving more business to your hotel. Whether you need to attract corporate travel or be included in the principal tour operator brochures, Rivido Hotels & Resorts can support your hotel with sales representation.

With our local presence, we have access to thousands of corporate travel buyers, IATA travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, meeting and conference planners, and the headquarter operations of many international companies and national organisations. We basically function as a local extension of your sales and marketing team, at a fraction of the cost of full company presence.
  • We support the property to have better corporate and travel agent business
  • Understand the local market business
  • Plan and execute action plans as per financial objectives
  • Our corporate team will ensure to have new markets and business opportunities
  • We will help your hotels to participate in various events and exhibition.
  • Marketing budgets for wide publicity
  • Build a Customer Loyalty Program

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